Toddler Program

Our Toddler program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your 18-month to 2½-year old learn about their expanding world. Through the guidance of our early childhood development professionals, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence.

Our implementation of the Emergent Curriculum for toddlers is designed to adapt to each individual child’s age and stage. Experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment.

Checklist items to bring on your first day:

  • Registration forms
  • Photo permission form
  • Emergency consent form
  • Immunization record
  • Parent agreement form – signed

Below is a list of things your child will need to make their day at the centre comfortable:

  1. At least two complete sets of clothing labeled with your child’s name. Active toddlers often need a change of clothes.
  2. 5 diapers per day; cream or powder if you use them.
  3. Soothers for sleep time if necessary.
  4. Special sleep toys must be labeled and taken home for laundering each week.
  5. Indoor shoes that are rubber soled.
  6. A water bottle or Sippy cup.
  7. Pictures of family, caregivers and important people in your child’s life are helpful during transition.
  8. Outdoor clothing that is suitable for the weather:
    • Winter – boots, mittens/gloves, hats, scarves, snow pants, coat
    • Fall/Spring – rain boots/running shoes, light jacket/rain coat, layers for unpredictable weather conditions.
    • Summer – hat, closed toe shoes, light clothing, sunscreen, water bottle



  • Strollers are not allowed passed the vestibule doors as instructed by City of Toronto Public Health Department.
  • Stroller storage is available in an outdoor shed in our toddler playground at the rear east side of the building.

Separation Anxiety

  • Toddlers more than other age groups experience separation anxiety.
  • Saying goodbye is very important to assist the transition from home to daycare. Staff will assist in the goodbye process and reassure your child of your return throughout the day. In most cases a toddler will cry for a short period at separation but will settle within minutes of their parent’s departure.
  • Routine and consistency are very important to your toddler. Predictability allows children to feel safe in their learning environment and supports your child’s feeling of security and happiness. Our program is developed with this factor in mind.
  • Weekly program plans and schedules are posted in the playroom for your information. Daily program sheets record the events of the day.
Should you have any concerns please speak with the staff in your child’s room or feel free to make an appointment with the supervisor.