Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)


The purpose of the Parents Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the management staff on program policies, services and initiatives provided by the Early Learning Centre (ELC).

Terms of Reference for the Committee

  • To assist in identifying new programs and initiatives for the ELC.
  • To provide advice on program development, the implementation of services, and the annual budget development.
  • To participate in program review and assist in identifying future directions and potential areas for growth.
  • To comment on the implementation of current program policy, and make suggestions for improvement and/or policy revision.
  • To make recommendations with respect to research.
  • To plan and assist with fundraising.
  • To facilitate communication between parents and the ELC management staff.

Parent Advisory meeting are open meetings, and all interested ELC community members (family members and staff) are invited to attend and participate in discussions. Three meetings per academic year are held (Fall, Winter and Spring), and ad hoc working groups meet as necessary to work on special projects or to address specific issues.

PAC Downloadable Files & Meeting Notes