Infant Program

Our Infant program provides a warm, welcoming environment where your infant can grow at their own pace. Teachers focus on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first 18 months.

We focus on keeping your infant happy, engaged, and secure. By establishing meaningful partnerships with parents we are able to personalize care for infants based on their unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention they may require.

Our implementation of the emergent curriculum for infants includes warm and nurturing interactions with your child, individualized attention and planned experiences in the areas of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language/communication.

Checklist items to bring on your first day:

  • Registration forms
  • Photo permission form
  • Emergency consent form
  • Food checklist
  • Immunization record
  • Parent agreement form – signed

Below is a list of things your child will need to make their day at the centre comfortable:

  1. A full set of extra clothing: pants, shirts, sweater, and socks. All should be labeled with your child’s name
  2. Diapers (5) for each day and cream or powder if you use them.
  3. Bottles (as many as the child will need and Sippy cup (1) – Infants on formula: please bring bottles already prepared. We will provide homogenized milk/soy milk/rice milk for infants on year or when directed by parents.
    • Please fill your child’s bottles with milk daily in the infant kitchen.
    • Please make sure you rinse your child’s Sippy cup every night.
    • Please remember to collect your bottles and Sippy cup at the end of the day.
    • All bottles and Sippy cups must be plastic or metal for safety in the infant room (metal bottles cannot be put in the bottle warmers).
  4. Soothers: If your child uses a soother, please provide one that can be labeled and left at the centre.
  5. If your child needs a special blanket or sleep toy please be sure to label them.
  6. Pictures of family, caregivers and important people in your child’s life are helpful during transition.



  • Strollers are not allowed passed the vestibule doors as instructed by City of Toronto Public Health Department.
  • Stroller storage is available in an outdoor storage shed in our toddler playground at the rear east side of the building.


  • Pureed foods for infants 6-9 months are provided from our kitchen.
  • Junior foods (9 months-12 months) will be prepared from our kitchen.
  • Pureed foods and cereals are prepared in the infant room as suitable for infants. Staff will record the quantity and variety of fruit, vegetable or cereal on your daily chart.

Sanitizing and Laundry

  • All cribs are sanitized at each user change and weekly for fulltime children. Bedding is laundered weekly.
  • Cloth toys and cloth pillow cases are laundered daily.
  • Toys that have been put into the mouth are put into a bin and sanitized after each use.
  • All other toys are cleaned and sanitized daily.
Should you have any concerns please speak with the staff in your child’s room or feel free to make an appointment with the supervisor.