Program Mission Statement

The Early Learning Centre’s program philosophy is based on an inclusive, bias free environment that is organized around the four foundational conditions of How Does Learning Happen? (Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years): Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement, and Expression. We strive to provide an inclusive learning and care environment that promotes the health, safety, nutrition and over all well-being of each child. Each child is considered unique and regarded as being competent, capable, curious and full of potential. Following a play–based, emergent pedagogical curriculum, experiences and activities are planned to create a positive learning environment in which each child’s learning and development will be supported.

Learning is facilitated through child initiated and adult supported activities and experiences which allow for children’s exploration, interaction, play and inquiry, and positive communication supporting children’s ability to self-regulate. With consideration to the uniqueness of each child in our program, activities and experiences are balanced to incorporate indoor and outdoor play, with opportunities for active play, rest/quiet time, and small group teacher facilitated activities.

The Early Learning Centre recognizes the importance of creating an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, and well-being for all children, families and staff members. We believe in providing opportunities for children, family and staff to engage and express themselves in an environment that does not exclude or stereotype individuals on the basis of age, gender, appearance, colour, ethnicity, religion, economic status, sexuality, culture or physical/mental ability.

The Early Learning Centre believes that families and staff are partners in creating a high quality child care and early education program. We strive to strengthen this partnership with continued efforts for parent engagement, open communication about program and children, ongoing opportunities for staff professional development and by collaborating with local community partners to provide support to children and families when necessary. There is a process in place to document and review the impact of these strategies on children and their families providing the ELC an avenue for continual improvement and growth as an organization that strives to meet the needs of individual children, their families and our staff.