Governance & Organizational Structure

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a non-profit service within the department of Family Programs & Services in the Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture. The University of Toronto holds the license to operate a childcare service, and has overall responsibility for the management and operation of the Early Learning Centre.

The management team is composed of a Manager, two Supervisors, Business Coordinator, and the Director of Family Programs & Services. The teaching team is composed of Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE’s), and Early Childhood Assistants (ECA’s) as prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. The support team includes Classroom Assistants (CA’s), cook, food service worker, and casual staff.

The Manager is responsible for supervising and providing direction to the Supervisors for the St. George and UTM sites, the Lead Hand Staff at the OISE site, and the Business Coordinator. All teaching, support and casual staff report to the Manager and Supervisors. The Manager reports to the Director of Family Programs & Services in the Office of the Vice President, Human Resources & Equity.

All staff are members of the bargaining unit of CUPE 2484 and USW 1998 save and except the Manager and Director.

Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee gives parents the opportunity to provide advice to the management staff on program policies, services and initiatives provided by the ELC.

Three meetings per academic year are held (Fall, Winter and Spring), and ad hoc working groups meet as necessary to work on special projects or to address specific issues.  Parent Advisory meeting are open meetings, and all interested ELC community members (family members and staff) are invited to attend and participate in discussions. For more details go to Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

Parent Involvement Statement

The Early Learning Centre welcomes parent participation in our programs. You may wish to participate at the Parent Advisory Committee advising us on program development or contributing to working groups that examine policies and centre program initiatives.

Alternatively you may have expertise, talents or skills you wish to contribute to the program on a regular or occasional basis. As your child progresses to new age groups at the centre you will be given the opportunity to identify how you wish to contribute to the room.

The easiest way for parents to be involved in their child’s centre experience is to share interests and activities that your child enjoys at home. There is a section on all our program planning charts for parents to write observations and home experiences, in this way staff will be able to integrate activities from home into play and learning at the centre.

Additionally, the manager and supervisors are available either by appointment, telephone or email to receive and discuss suggestions for programs.