PAC Notes – June 2013

In Attendance: Parents: Laura Edwards (Pres 2), Mo Guangying (Kindergarten), Staff: Karen Venneri, Francesca Dobbin, Sylvie Brown, Meike Van Gerwen
Regrets: Parent – Sarah Warden (Infant)

1. Introductions

  •  List of PAC Classroom Representatives will be updated in September 2013 once all of the enrolment & transitions have been completed

2. Program Updates

Transitions & Enrolment at Glen Morris

  • Staffing – Montri , Preschool 1 moved to toddler program, Lala, Toddler 2 has moved to preschool 2 program
  • Jaime, Kindergarten will be taking holidays before the commencement of her leave in July. A casual staff will be replacing during vacation days and an announcement will be going out shortly as to who will be replacing her in the kindergarten room.
  • Enrolment at GM & OISE – because of the time of year, the process of filling space is taking longer.
  • With full day kindergarten, children who receive subsidy have to attend their home school to continue receiving the funding. We have some children leaving at the end of June and August.

Jim S., principal at Huron St. PS is leaving and a new principal for September 2013 will be announced.

3. Financial Report – May 2012 – April 2013 Statement

The attached financial statement reflects actual revenue and expenses as of the year end April 30, 2013.
Revenue: 87% Fees, 7% City of Toronto Wage Grants, and 6% Student Life Subsidy
Expenses: 88% Salaries & Benefits, and 12% Program costs
(a) In year surplus of $17,630 projected as of December 31, 2012 has been reduced to $7, 172 for the following reasons:
 Deferred fee increase from Jan. 1, 2013 to May 1, 2013
 Increased costs in salary & benefits:

  • Last QTR overlap in staffing costs to cover 2 sick leaves
  • Overlap in staffing costs for retiring manager and new manager in September and transition between supervisors in December.
  • FRC coordinator position filled in December. Position was previously covered by a temporary casual staff.(a) Facilities & Service costs were anticipated to be higher

 More repairs to the physical environment, but costs were offset by Health & Safety funding approximately $7,000 from the City of Toronto, for the miler installed on the windows.
(b) Projected carry forward deficit balance of $45,822 (from $145,800 in 2010)
 Last instalment of debt payment was made by April 30th year end
 We are starting the 2013-14 budget year with no deficit, and with an accumulated contingency fund of $127, 715 to deal with market influences on enrolment, unpredictable staff replacement costs, and expenses related to replacement of major equipment / furnishings used by the children.

4. Other Business

 Staff Vacation & sick time

  • Vacation is based on years of service.
  • Sick days – there is no actual number of days assigned per year for minor illness, but there is a University wide defined sick leave benefit of up to 15 weeks for serious illness, or injury. The average sick days taken by ELC staff is 7-8/year (excluding sick leaves). This is consistent with the overall University staff average. If an illness exceeds 10 days, we refer to the University’s Health & Well Being Program& Services which addresses issues of health, injury, illness, returning to work after illness or injury, and accommodation for employees.

 Social Event

  • Karen on behalf of Sarah Warden (who was not able to attend) proposed a pot luck family social event to be held on the playgrounds at Glen Morris.

– Should be held in mid to late September, after transitions and enrolment is completed, and it also provides an opportunity to welcome new families to the ELC
– September will also be the ELC’s 10Th anniversary, and ELC can provide a celebratory cake and refreshments for the potluck
– Proposed time to begin is 5 p.m.
– Suggestion to keep the younger and older children on separate playgrounds to ensure safety, and if there is inclement weather, it will be held inside in the middle spaces
– Meike volunteered to organize a team of staff to help with the planning
– Karen will follow up with Sarah to solicit a few parent volunteers to organize the pot luck and assist with clean up after the event

Next PAC meeting

October 2013
o A call for new parent classroom representatives will go out in September 2013

Posted on August 19, 2013