PAC Notes – May 2011

Attendance: Nicole Shulman, Khilola Zakhidova, Meike Van Gurwen, Christina Sass- Kortsak, Cassie Patriquin, Cheryl DeGras

  1. Introductions
  2. Cheryl provided an update on the survey process. A working group of PAC representatives and Cheryl made additions to the 2010 survey questions, both supervisors and staff rep from PAC reviewed the final draft and it will be sent to parents by May 25, 2011.
  3. Discussion Topic- Kindergarten Farewell Party- Nicole offered the opinions expressed by parents in her room with regard to favouring a venue outside of the centre. Cassie talked about the intentions of the staff to reflect the needs of the children with regard to inclusion of all children leaving the centre over the summer. Staff want to focus on age appropriate activities built into the celebration and the topic will be discussed at the next staff meeting. Nicole suggested that we communicate what the expected role of parents will be at the event. Cassie has posted a save the date notice for the event and further notices will follow after the staff flesh out the details and content of the celebration.
  4. Open Discussion:
  • Khilola asked that a sign be posted in the stroller shed to remind parents to remove food items from strollers to discourage rodents from the area.
  • Cheryl will send a notice to the PAC representatives to encourage parent participation in the Parent Satisfaction Survey.
  • Christina Sass- Kortsak invited input on what qualities parents feel need be considered as the search for a new manager gets¬†underway. Cheryl and Cassie excused themselves so as to permit open discussion on the topic.

Posted on June 20, 2011